Apple to open Apple Watch dedicated Store in Paris

When it comes to successful business decisions, Apple has no competition on the market. Now it seems that the famous tech giant has found a way to make its Apple watch more successful and it might be a great sales strategy. So, Apple will be opening a dedicated Apple Watch store in Paris. 

Sources claimed that the famous company has already started working at for the opening of this new store. And the company’s plan may not stop here. Allegedly, Apple is considering opening more stores if this first release will be a success. Naturally, to open more stores Apple first has to make sure that its new product will be a success. It seems that the famous company is putting great effort into making sure that the launch will go as planned and there will be absolutely no issues. 

Moreover, it seems that Apple plans on attracting customers by presenting the new product as a fashionable one. So, the tech giant will not only focus on the specs of its Watch, but it will also focus on its design. Sources revealed that Apple went to hire sales staff with a fashion and luxury background for its retail stores. 

Previously it has been revealed that Apple will release its new Watch in April. Allegedly, Chinese suppliers were told to have at least 6 million units of the new product available for the release date. This will include all three models, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. However, most likely the product that will be most popular is the Apple Watch Sport. 

Reports indicated that more than half of the total production will be the entry-level Apple Watch Sport. The 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition will be produced in the smallest amount. However, when it comes to such new releases, predicting the evolution of the market is not always simple. So, it is yet to see which of the three models of the Apple Watch will turn out being more popular and overall how this new Apple device will evolve on the market. 

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