Apple To Launch New iWatch

Apple announced on Monday that a new iDevice could soon be found on the market. This time, however, we are not dealing with tablets or smartphones, but rather with smart wrist-watches, according to a recent report published on CNET News.

The idea of smart wrist-watches is not new to producers and consumers. While this product seemed possible only in spy movies, Apple could very soon change this belief once and for all. The Cupertino company revealed on Monday that they are performing the final tests on a new device that will be worn around the wrist. The new gadget is going to have the looks of a watch, but will encompass many of the functions that are specific for smartphones.

The company that will develop a partnership with Apple for the production of the new iWatch is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. also known as Foxconn. This move will enable Apple to expand its array of products beyond the well-established segments of tablets, notebooks and smartphones. In addition, the iPhone maker will thus, keep up the pace with rival companies in the production of wearable gadgets that can measure the physical activity of the body.

According to sources at Foxonn, the manufacturing company is currently producing pieces that are perfect for wearable devices. Power-efficient displays and advanced chip sets are some of the new characteristics that Foxconn is trying to add to its new pieces. Reporters at CNET were unable to find out what capabilities will the new wrist device have, but it will most likely have to do with iPhones. These rumors haven’t been confirmed by any of the two companies.

In the near future, wrist devices could be closely related to smartphones, whereas in the distant future, analysts believe the former could completely replace other types of gadgets. Until then watch-like gadgets can only cover basic functions as most Nike products do. Google and Pebble Technology Corp., on the other hand, plan to release watch-like products that connect to mobile devices and exchange various types of information and messages.

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