Apple to launch bigger iPhone 5 this summer

CNET News reported on Thursday that Apple plans to launch a bigger iPhone 5 this summer. The IT giant seems to be back to its production program, judging by the sample devices they have already created. The new iPhone 5 design is, however, slightly different than the one that was initially produced.

The new device that is said to be launched this summer will include a wider 4-inch screen. Rumor has it that the appearance of the phone will be generally different than the already familiar 4 and 4s prototypes, more specifically the new phone will have a wider or larger format.

Although customers and analysts strongly suggested the use of a tapered, teardrop shape for Apple’s devices, the company did not take this advice in consideration. As a matter of fact, analysts claim that iPhone 5 will maintain more or less the same shape of its former phones.

The 4-inch screen could become more than just a rumor because many reliable sources have mentioned it since last year. First, there was a snapshot taken in China last February depicting the front screen of a wider iPhone. Analysts have also confirmed that Apple is looking to create devices with larger screens in order to better compete against Android-based phones.

Many suppositions have been made in relation to the characteristics of the screen, as well. Even though nothing has been officially stated, analysts say that the new device will have a qHD screen with 960×540 pixels. According to them, the diagonal line would measure about 4.2 to 4.3 inches. iPhone 4 and 4S have 3.5-inch displays that run at higher 960×640 pixels. The Foxconn manufacturing facility released a small series of prototypes last year before iPhone 4S saying that they are making tests for a larger but thinner device.

While these sources proved efficient last year in stating that Apple will release an S prototype, we can’t say the same thing will happen with the new rumors. What do you think? Will the new iPhone 5 have a wider screen?

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