Apple to Issue Fix for Security Flaw on Macs

It seems that Apple clients have experienced an issue. Apple has just announced that they released a fix for security flaw on Mac computers. 

The flaw that was found in Macintosh computers actually worked by allowing hackers to intercept data from the users of these devices. This included intercepting data from email. 

However, it seems that the Mac is not the only Apple device which might have a security problem. The iPhone has recently been in such a situation, as well. Apple issued a fix for the iPhone last week, as apparently a similar security flaw has affected this device, too. 

The flaw allows attackers to access a series of information on the device. This means that attackers were able to access shared unsecured wireless service, being able to also see exchanges between the user and other sites, including Facebook. Actually, hackers could potentially read all type of private communications sent over Apple devices. 

Apple released a statement on Tuesday, saying that the security update came to solve these issues. However, it is estimated that this security flaw allowed emails and passwords to be intercepted from millions of users of Apple’s devices. 

Some analysts seem to believe that this bug has actually been present for several months. This might mean that user’s personal information could have been obtained by attackers months ago. Apple did not reveal when or how they discovered the flaw in its system. 

The company only announced the release of this fix which promises to solve the problem. Naturally, Apple made no revelations on this situation, as a spokesman for the company refused to comment on Tuesday. 

What is sure is that the same bug has actually turned out affecting all the Apple devices, including initially the iPhone, iPad and iPod, which run the iOS system. Now, apparently the problem has been found in Macs, as well. 

The issue was officially announced by Apple when they released the fix. Naturally, we cannot know if the problem was found by Apple first, or it was intercepted first by hackers. However, millions of devices have been exposed, although the problem is fixed now, as Apple claims.

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  1. If they had ever know. To my knowledge most hackers didnt even know about this flaw until the media posted it all over the web.

    Apple did rush to get mobile devices the update sooner and that is a good thing, because of the media saying that the updates for the macs weren’t out yet they were at even greater risk.

    I think this was the top story on google and bing for like three days in the tech section. Comment on the things that will help not hurt others.

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