Apple to Investigate Celebrity Photo Hack

Apple will investigate the case involving the hack of certain devices owned by stars. This decision is naturally linked to the online hack that led to the posting of numerous private photos of female stars. This includes Jennifer Lawrence, but also Kate Upton. 

So, scandal broke when the two celebrities saw intimate photos of themselves posted on the Internet. After the leak, reports revealed that the Apple iCloud service has been compromised in order for the images to be accessed by hackers. 

Apple has made no comments on the incident so far, so a statement from the famous company is expected in the near future. However, the company is investigating the iCloud and what might have happened. “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report,” a spokesperson for Apple claimed.

Reports indicate that the number of stars who have been affected by this hack is larger than imagined. So, it is believed that no less than 101 celebrities have become victims of the hackers. 

Hackers managed to break into the iCloud accounts of these stars and obtained a series of intimate photos. Jennifer Lawrence seems to be the most affected victim of all, as hackers are said to have obtained no less than 60 photos of the star, including fully nude pics. Among the targeted celebrities can be included Kelly Brook, Rihanna, Lea Michele, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, among many others. 

Some of the stars who had pictures of themselves posted online said that the images are fake, but others admitted that they are real. The iCloud is a popular Apple service nowadays. This is Apple’s own cloud service, which can be used to access files remotely. Other similar services existent on the market now are Dropbox and Google Drive. They all enable users to access the files they want without needing huge memory on their devices. 

It is yet to see what happened and which is the reason why hackers were able to access these files. If the leak was caused by a problem in the system, this means that the image of this Apple service might have to suffer.

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