Apple to Address Issue in iPhone5

Apple seems to be quite interested in addressing the issue that its iPhone5 seems to experience. The company announced that they will address this issue in all the phones that might be having it. 

So, owners of iPhones should be happy to find out that if their sleep or wake button has stopped working, the problem will be solved soon. Apple announced that they will repair the issue with absolutely no costs for the owners. 

At this point, Apple did not announce the reason why this problem occurred. So, the cause of the issue with the sleep/wake button remains unknown. Moreover, Apple made no revelations on when the issue was first traced. Some reports indicate that the problem was first discovered in March or April last year, but it seems that all the iPhone 5 models produced before the month of March 2013 potentially might have the issue. 

Apple has already updated their website related to this fact, so owners might access it to find out if their devices are eligible or not. This means that owners can enter their phone’s serial number in the tool available here and see if their device is eligible. If the phone is eligible after performing this test, Apple will do the repairs for free. 

At this point, Apple offers two options for owners. They can either take the phone to a local store or call Apple and send the affected phone to the provided address. Either way, it seems that Apple is trying to offer more options to its users and make it simpler for them to have their device repaired. 

Choosing the right way to have the phone repaired might be influenced by the waiting time. Apple claims that users who take the device to the repair center will most likely have to wait at least 4 days. So, if you can live without your iPhone 5 and you can stop using it for 4 to 6 days, or even longer, you can have it sent to Apple’s repair center. 

However, if you want one, you may take a loaner phone to use on the period of time your iPhone 5 will be under repairs. The replacement will be made free of costs by Apple.

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