Apple Teases Samsung in new Ad

Apple continues the battle against Samsung in court, while it teases the famous tech company in its most recent ad. “There are some ideas we want every company to copy,” the message on the new ad says.

Naturally, everyone seems to think that this is a hit that Apple has given Samsung. The newly released ad is part of the recent environmental campaign, which Apple conducts at the moment. The ad is already popular on Twitter, but it seems that it has been first spotted in Germany. A picture of the new ad first ended up on Twitter.

“There’s one area where we actually encourage others to imitate us,” Apple claims, so there is absolutely no doubt in the fact that they are trying to make Samsung understand that the campaign’s message is aimed to be a hit at them. Apple claims that they are actually encouraging others to imitate them in this action because “when everyone makes the environment a priority, we all benefits.”

“So the next time we come across a great idea that can help leave the world better than we found it, we look forward to sharing,” the same ad said. Apple seems to be quite determined to celebrate the Green Earth Day, the new ad actually being part of this campaign.

Over the past few years, Samsung has become extremely successful. The tech giant has managed to create an empire, so there is no wonder that Apple might feel threatened by the famous company who just released its highly successful Samsung Galaxy S5. Apple is currently in the middle of a trial against Samsung, the inventor of the iPhone claiming that Samsung actually violated their patents in many of their products.

What will happen in this case and who is in fact guilty is something to find out. Still, what is certain is that Samsung claims that the accusations are not real, while Apple asks for the tech giant to pay them billions. Most recently, Samsung claimed that Google started to develop the operating system on which its products are based, even before the iPhone was released.

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