Apple Spends 2 Billion to Build Data Centers in Europe

Apple just revealed that they plan on spending no less than $2 billion to build its first data centers in Europe. The famous company revealed to be willing to open two computing centers on the European continent. Apparently, Apple is ready to take a new step on its evolution and extend even more its business. 

Allegedly, the two centers that Apple plans on opening will be built in Denmark and Ireland. Each will have 166,000 square meters and will be fully functional in 2017. Apple declared that the center in Ireland will actually be the European headquarters of the company. Apple also claimed that the two new centers will serve for a wide range of Apple products, including Siri and iTunes, among many others. 

Of course, Apple is not the only tech giant to have a plant on the European continent. For instance, Amazon has had plants in Europe for years. Allegedly, this Apple move came now, as the debates on the intensification of surveillance from the US government have grown. It seems that both customers and companies are more and more preoccupied with the spying threat. Naturally, these concerns were heightened after the already famous leaks from Edward Snowden, a former contractor at the National Security Agency. 

Regulations regarding people data are more complex in Europe. So, here, companies who want to transfer personal information aboard will have to pass a series of regulations. Furthermore, in Europe companies who violate data protection rules can face huge fines, of up to 100 million euros, which is about $114 million, or even 5 percent of the company’s annual revenue. 

Well, Apple has always shown commitment when it comes to ensuring customers’ privacy. Not only once, Tim Cook has claimed that Apple does not need consumer data, as it actually does not depend on data to make money, as other companies do, including here both Google and Facebook. 

Apple also claimed that its new centers will run entirely on renewable energy. Of course, Apple is not the only company who has tried to use renewable energy to sustain its operations. In fact, Greenpeace praised Apple, Google and Facebook for their efforts on this matter. Of course, opening these new plants will not be bad for Europe, as it will create hundreds of local jobs.

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