Apple Scores Minor Win Against HTC

It’s no longer breaking news that Apple is suing some competitor for using its patents or selling products very similar to theirs. However, after losing two important legal battles in favor of Samsung, it is worthwhile to keep a track record of Apple’s minor victories, before complete failure. Recent news say Apple scored a minor win against HTC.

Maybe you’re wondering what does Apple have to share with HTC? First of all, HTC is using Android, which is iOs’ sworn enemy, and secondly, much similar to the legal actions initiated against Samsung, Steve Jobs’ pride and glory is trying to get HTC products banned from being sold in the U.S. market. In other words, Apple is accusing the Taiwanese company for illegally using technology that’s commonly used in the iPhone.

Apple managed to score a minor win against HTC, as the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that HTC infringed on one of four patents Apple had disputed. As a result, the Trade Commission imposed a sales ban on some of HTC’s phones. However, as drastic as the ruling sounds, analysts say the decision is unlikely to cause any harm for the Taiwanese phone maker.

The patent HTC is guilty of illegally using pertains to a technology that allows users to click on phone numbers as well as other types of data in a document to either dial directly or click on the data to bring up more information.

London-based David Wilson, partner with Herbert Smith LLP, explains that HTC will have enough time to find ways to work around the infringed patent. The ban becomes effective in April 2012. “This is one skirmish in one battle, which is forming a much larger war and each side has got some ammunition left”, explained Wilson.

The issue at hand represents a challenge for all Android supporters as well as other phone makers using the same technology, as the minor win makes Apple more determined to sue other phone makers. Melvin Li, patent agent and counsel consultant at U.S. firm Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesitic PC, explains: “With this ITC ruling, I think other phone companies are all scratching their heads now as to how to resolve the same technology they are using”.

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