Apple Samsung Patent Lawsuit Close To Ruling

Who stole the first patent? Was it Apple or was it Samsung? An answer to that is close by. The Apple – Samsung patent lawsuit is close to a ruling.

Obviously, it’s a legal chase around the tails. It long ceased to be a debate between two IT titans over innovation, and it became a lawyers’ fight. The Apple Samsung scrutiny has been going for so long, we might even call it the trial of the century. Hopefully, a conclusion is in sight, as the court in San Jose, California is close to a ruling.

The main cause of the feud is the confusion that buyers are making when choosing their smartphone. And Apple wants to charge Samsung with $2.5 billion for “stealing” the design. On the other side, the Korean developer defends itself saying it’s all about competition and just because the designs are likely similar doesn’t mean they’re copied or by any mean the same.

At this time, what we can say is that each side in the Apple vs Samsung trial, makes a good point. If Apple has lawyers that can make themselves easy to understand even by your average Joe, Samsung has the big points on the technicalities.

Apple’s biggest accusation refers to theft in the most grossly way. They state that it took them many years to make the iDevices what they are today and Samsung only stole them without any second thought.

“Apple took five years to bring this revolution to U.S; Samsung took three months to copy it. That’s the truth and that’s simple, clear, and not disputed”, said Apple counsel Harold McElhinny.

“I was floored when I heard (Samsung designer) Jeeyuen Wang say they did it in three months. That represented four years of investment and R&D” at Apple said McElhinny in his closing argument today.
On the other side, Samsung says that the resemblance between the models can’t take people into error. Samsung counsel Charles Verhoeven says “customers make choices not mistakes.

In a nutshell, the jury is looking at a challenging decision. Apple’s lawyers are trying very hard to make it all about the American patent system. “You’re going to have to decide who is playing by the rules and who isn’t” said Apple attorney Bill Lee. “If you render a judgment for Apple, you will be endorsing the American patent system” he added.

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