Apple’s Sales Exceed Expectations

Apple has registered massive sales thanks to the release of its newest iPhone. In fact, the famous company’s sales managed to overpass the expectations. It seems that the bigger screen iPhone that the company released this year was a huge hit. 

Apple released both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, the two being bigger screen devices compared to the smartphones previously released by the famous company. Apparently, Apple fans wanted for long to get this new device and this is best proved by the amazing sales. With the release of these larger screen iPhones, Apple was able to address to a new category of clients and a new market, interested in larger displays. 

Statistics reveal that in only three months, Apple registered $42.1 billion in sales and $8.5 billion in profit. The famous company’s profit grew with up to 13.3 percent, compared to the same period, last year. Apple revealed that it managed to sale more than 39 million new iPhones, which surely is impressive. And this does not include the sales on the Chinese market, where Apple is expected to do great. 

In fact, China is one of the biggest and the fastest growing markets for Apple, which means that probably the sales will continue to grow. Apple predicts that in the next three months, they will be able to register about $63.5 to $66.5 billion in revenue. More than half of that is expected to be the profit of the company. Having all these facts under consideration, it seems that Apple made a great decision when it chose to launch a larger display phone. 

Actually, this year has been a good one for Apple, which showed innovation, for the first time in three years after the death of Steve Jobs. The popular company released two new smartphones with a huge change when it comes to design, but also the Apple Watch, its first wearable device. Last week, Apple also revealed the new iPads and Macs, but it also released an update to its desktop operating system. Maybe, soon Apple will also come with something new when it comes to the Apple TV. 

“We are heading into the holidays with Apple’s strongest product lineup ever,” Tim Cook recently claimed.

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