Apple’s October 16th Event: What to Expect?

Apple will host its next big event on October 16th and the expectations are without a doubt great. Apple has had an amazing month following the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Having under consideration this great success, the expectations are even bigger. 

At the October 16th Apple event, the famous company is expected to unveil its new iPad lineup. Reports reveal that Apple will introduce now a new iPad Air and iPad mini. However, there are no revelations on how these tablets will look and what they will feature. There is actually a big mystery surrounding the newest generation iPad, so it is yet to see what Apple will introduce. 

So, Apple unveiled two of its biggest products in 2014, but the company is not done with new releases. The last generation iPad Air was released by the famous company last year. So, in 2013, Apple introduced a slimmer, lighter and more functional iPad. Analysts expect to see in the rumored release a better processor, improved camera and better storage. 

Some rumors indicate that the new iPad Air will also come with an anti-reflective coating on a higher resolution display. Other reports reveal that Apple will not unveil now the Retina display MacBook. So, sources indicate that the Thursday event will not be the moment when the Retina display will make an appearance. 

Another product that Apple is expected to update at this point is the Apple TV. The famous company has not given an update to this product since 2012. Many Apple TV fans expected the tech giant to make a new release in 2014 also when it comes to this segment of the market. Well, unfortunately, if October will not be the month when the Apple TV receives an update, then most likely another year will pass until Apple will reveal something new. 

Many analysts seem to believe that Apple will release nothing at this point on the television market, as the company has been focused on the release of its latest iPhone and iPad. Well, there are just a couple of days left until we will discover what Apple plans to release at this new event. 

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