Apple’s New Mountain Lion Is Viral Among Users

This Wednesday, Apple released its new Mountain Lion iOS. At only $19.99 and upgrade time ranging from 13 to 57 minutes, Apple’s new Mountain Lion is viral among users.

We’re just one day into Apple’s Mountain Lion release and everybody is thrilled with it. On Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, users are all bragging about upgrading to Mountain Lion, while industry experts are counting the highlights. On the overall, it looks like Apple’s new Mountain Lion is a success with users. Well, at least until the novelty wears off.

Apple claims Mountain Lion brings more than 200 new features that will make the iOS experience much better. Take for instance AirPlay mirroring and access to all iMessages sent from other iOS and Mac users. Voice dictation was made a lot easier. All you have to do is press the Function key twice and start dictating.

The new Mountain Lion makes it easier and faster to share data through Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo or Mail, AirDrop and Messages. By the way, Mountain Lion brings built-in Twitter and Apple says it will release an update for built-in Facebook soon.

In a nutshell, the bundle of new features in Mountain Lion is worth paying $19.99. The new iOS is available for purchase in the Mac App Store, if you haven’t got yours already. By the way, if you bought your Mac after June 11 you qualify for a free upgrade. Once you bought and downloaded Apple’s new Mountain Lion you can install it on any Mac you own.

However, the new features in Mountain Lion don’t solve some annoying flaws in the system. writes it found five flaws that Apple’s new iOS still doesn’t fix, “some of those introduced with Lion, some longstanding nuisances from earlier version of OS X”.

The new Mountain Lion still doesn’t come up with a way to hide the Launchpad clutter. Everything was put together and you’ve got a search tab at top to help users find their apps.  There’s still no way of sorting your Safari bookmarks alphabetically and Apple still hasn’t come up with a window button to shut down an application when the final window closes.

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