Apple’s new iPod Nano helps you lose weight

How can Apple’s iPod Nano help you take off the extra pounds? This portable nano device now features a fitness program monitoring that will help you lose the weight you so much wanted to get rid off and couldn’t .

The weight loss issue is not just about the social need to fit into the model -perfection category. It is also about an individual need to feel good in your own skin. Extra weight can make you use more energy and thus get tired more easily. It overworks body organs, including your heart, your lungs, you liver, your kidneys and so on.  Last, but not least, the extra pounds keep you in a state of discomfort.

If you are ready to look in the mirror and say “this has to go down”, then you are ready for Nike +. The application is used on iPod Nano and it offers you the advantage of tracking your workouts. The fitness component will allow you to create a custom and well defined workout program.  First, you have to own an iPod Nano. Then, connect it to your computer. iTunes will send your workout data to the Nike Plus website, from where you can start tracking your progress over time. You can see you past workouts, you can set your fitness goal and you can monitor it. If you like competition and it’s motivating you, Nike + will offer you the chance of comparing your results with other’s.

The new iPod Nano, revealed by Apple on October 4, can track your fitness progress without any additional parts. In addition to that, it includes 16 new watch faces, including some of the most loved Disney characters: Minnie and Mickey.

The device is available at a price of 129 dollars for the 8GB version and 149 dollars for the16 GB one.

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