Apple’s iTV To Arrive This Year

Discussions about Apple’s release of the upgraded iPhone have somehow shadowed the other products of the company. Take, for instance, Apple’s iTV, which has been left aside for several months now. Analysts at Topeka Capital Market have decided to pay more attention to the digital media receiver in the past week and they have thus managed dot find out that the new model will be released by the end of the year.

The Cupertino-based manufacturer keeps mum about all the rumors that have been disclosed so far. However, sources that are very familiar with the subject, reassure the media that a new iTV streaming player will hit store shelves by the end of 2013. The iTV model is going to be Apple’s next flagship device due to the numerous features and advanced options it will include.

Viewers will get a totally different experience when watching TV. The new television system that Apple is working on will function as an all-encompassing device fulfilling a wide range of tasks for the viewers. Topeka Capital Markets have obtained information from people working at one of Apple’s tech supply chain companies. According to them, the new television box will be launched in the second part of the year. It will have a sleek design and its dimensions will not be bigger than 60 inches. The remote control will be replaced by a modern gadget called iRing which is placed on the finger and used to command the iTV. This way, the TV system can better recognize the viewer’s movements and act according to his/her wishes.

The streaming player will be accompanied by a small 9.7-inch screen which may be used for home security and video conferences. A series of smart options will be included on the new generation of Apple TV, such as, Siri and FaceTime. You can also sync the small screen to the big one and thus, share content on the two displays. There is a distance limit, however, as the 9.7-inch screen cannot show content if placed at more than 200 meters.

Apple has prepared a special deal for its customers, according to sources. The iTV device will be sold with four small screens as part of a special package. The small screens have the same size as the iPad, but they cannot be used to replace the famous tablets.

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