Apple’s iPad 3 Likely To Be Released This March

Proof that Apple has done a good job keeping up the users’ interest towards its iPad line of products are the never ending rumors regarding the product’s third version date of release. Both users and media are extremely eager to have their hands on an iPad 3. And according to some analysts, that will happen sooner than expected. Analysts say Apple’s iPad 3 is likely to be released this March.

The online media has done everything possible regarding the new iPad. How is it going to look, what features will it bring, do users really need the upgrades, is the system upgrade worth your money, when will the iPad 3 be released and so on. And it’s not easy to get all this content when Apple is keeping everything locked up.

ABC News writes that according to analysts who follow Apple, the iPad 3 is likely to be released this March. And such analysts might be right, particularly since AllThingsD, a website affiliated with The Wall Street Journal, writes that Apple is organizing an event in San Francisco the first week of March.

Coincidence or not, the first week of March coincides with the date Apple announced the iPad 2 last year. However, Apple isn’t very keen on predictability, so remember that before scheduling a trip to San Francisco in the next weeks.

There’s also a rumor about Apple bringing to the table a smaller iPad in the attempt to make their products more affordable. Ezra Gottheil, an analyst for Technology Business Research, thinks it would make sense to have Apple bring a mini iPad to the market. “What they’re seeing is a large number of small, cheaper tablets and they want to be in on that market” explained Ezra.

Another aspect to consider if the iPad 3 will be released next month is whether you need it or not. These gadgets aren’t exactly cheap and for those of you who have already spent $500 on an iPad, the question should be if you will need the presumably new features such as Retina Display and a better camera.

Whether or not the rumors are real, committed fans should remember that Apple is one of the few companies skilled and able to keep new products secret until their official release dates.

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