Apple’s Company Computers Attacked By Hackers

Apple revealed on Wednesday that some of its computers were infected with malicious software during a hacking attack that took place several days ago. Similar to the attack against Facebook, the hackers tried to steal data from the company’s computers, but spokespersons reassured everyone that Apple did not lose any information.

Many more companies in the United States complain about hacking attacks. After last week’s attack against Facebook, hackers directed their attention towards the iPhone maker, this week. The Cupertino company noticed that some of its computers have been infected with malicious software that was spread through a website for software developers.

Apple managed to react in time to prevent the infection from spreading across all computers and to allow hackers to obtain the data they were interested in. Engineers explained that the malicious software was installed due to a series of vulnerabilities that is specific to Java. As a result, they tried to disable the plug-in on all computers as the US Department of Homeland Security had recommended people to disable Java in Web browsers for additional protection against hacking.

Apple released an official statement soon after the attack was prevented to assure customers that their data hasn’t been stolen. “There is no evidence that any data left Apple,” was the company’s declaration. In the following days, the smartphone maker will work closely with the authorities to determine the source of the hacking attack.

Apple further addressed the much-debated subject of cyber-attacks that has been making headlines in the past week. In their opinion, Facebook was not the only company that has been attacked; on the contrary, hackers could be interested in other technology firms besides the already mentioned ones.

Among the victims of the cyber-attacks was also Twitter. The social network declared at the beginning of the month that it had been hit by hackers, who managed to steal the passwords of more than 250,000 users. Back then, Twitter’s information security director, Bob Lord stated that the attack was not made by amateurs, but rather by a well-trained group who will most likely plan other attacks in the future.

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, two of the most read publications in America, have also been hacked recently. The newspapers, however, claimed the attacks were made by groups of hackers following orders of the Chinese government.

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