Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, Promises New “Game Changers”

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, promised customers that new “game changers” will be launched by the company in the future. The declaration comes after investors have expressed their concern in relation to the evolution of the smartphone maker, Reuters informs.

Analysts and investors are worried about Apple’s current situation. The recent smartphone models that the company has launched have disappointed most customers because they did not bring any significant improvements or innovative technologies. Its competitors, on the other hand, are constantly launching new products foreseen with the most advanced features and technologies.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has decided to address this subject during his recent interview with reporters at Tuesday’s All Things Digital conference. He told participants that the Cupertino, California company has many aces up its sleeve. In fact, the iPhone maker may concentrate more resources for the making of new “game changers”. Without revealing any significant details, the chief executive has further stated that wearable computers might be the next big thing. “It’s ripe for us all getting excited about. I think there will be tons of companies playing in this,” he added.

Cook did not confirm whether Apple is working to produce the wearable smartwatch, but expressed his opinion about the Google Glass project. He told the press that the smart glasses that enable wearers to record videos and access the Internet using facial expressions and eye movements, could have only limited appeal. Some people may not be interested in wearing glasses, watches or bands, so it could take a long period of time until these wearable devices will finally allure a large number of customers. On the other hand, Apple wants to focus on this market space because the new technology might be the long-sought reason that customers were looking for in order to wear glasses and watches.

Portable gadgets are not the only area that Apple is interested in. Cook revealed that the company plans to improve its existing $99 Apple TV streaming device. He did not make any further statements in relation to the features that might be embedded on the new generation of Apple TV.

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