Apple Reveals record Quarterly Revenue

Apple is enjoying some of its best time ever and it seems that the famous company’s success will not pale soon. Apple revealed that they sold no less than 74 million iPhones during the last three months and made over $74.6 billion in revenue. 

So, Apple started 2015 with some of the best iPhone sales ever. In the three months period ending December 2014, Apple has set many sales records. So, not only the iPhone was a success for the famous company. In fact, Apple did amazing on the computer and tablet market, too. The famous smartphone maker sold over 5.5 million Macs and 21.4 million iPads. 

In other words, Apple registered an over 30 percent increase in revenue, compared to the same period, in 2013. This means that Tim Cook managed to prove all iPhone critics wrong. However, the one that Cook and Apple have to thanks for these amazing results is Jeff William, who is in charge with Apple’s supply chain and operations. So, the demand for Apple’s device has been spectacular, but the fact that the company was able to produce enough iPhone units to break the records, should also be appreciated. 

To be able to achieve that, Apple had to maintain a good relationship with its suppliers and sometimes even renegotiate contracts. Moreover, the company faced certain constraints in its supply chain, when the new iPhone was released in September. Analysts claimed that Apple itself did not expect such a huge demand for the new iPhones. So, the challenge has been great for the company, too. 

Still, Williams’ experience helped him make history at Apple. Williams has been leading Apple’s mobile operating since the first iPhone was released back in 2007. Now, it has been revealed that Williams will also be in charge with the operating for the launch of Apple Watch, as apparently Tim Cook himself handled him this job. 

Williams seems to be very determined to make a huge success from this new Apple product. “We want to make the best product in the world,” he said according to Bloomberg. “One of our competitors is on their fourth or fifth attempt, but nobody is wearing them,” he added. So, the only question that remains in this context is how the Apple Watch will help the company’s sales. 

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