Apple Reported To Have Started The iPad Mini Production

Only three weeks ago, iPhone 5 hit the market, but Apple isn’t leaving that buzz go to waste. Apple is now reported to have already started the iPad mini production whereas sources say the release date is set for October 17th.

While a mini iPad will definitely be a lot less fun that a normal size one, Apple is still going to sell billions. Even if there still isn’t an exact confirmation that iPad mini will actually hit the market, buyers are really thrilled with the idea and tech media has been tackling the subject any way possible. Now, Wall Street Journal has sources saying Apple has already started the iPad mini production.

The Wall Street Journal writes that “people with knowledge of the situation” are saying that the iPad mini might already be ready to sell. Apparently the mini iPad will be 7.85 inches and several factories in Asia are already producing it. Truth be told this new reports sits very well with the theory that October 17th will be the release date for iPad mini.

Forbes reported earlier this week that a “major Apple investor” has revealed Apple will release the iPad mini October 17th. According to Forbes’ source Apple will start mailing the invites to the launch event on October 10th.

The latest iPad aka new iPad was released earlier this year, in March, but failed to spark users’ interest. Many felt the new iPad was so obsolete it didn’t even deserve the brand name iPad 3. And now there’s this mini iPad Apple is rumored to be launching this October. Buyers might soon begin to fill that Apple is just taking advantage of the iPad brand and milking the cow for as much as possible.

The 7.85 inches iPad mini will enter in a market where Google and Amazon are frontrunners. iPad mini will be in the same category as Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire, two gadgets that have been having skyrocketing sales. So, it’s very likely Apple is taking a plunge in innovation only to dip its finger in a new profitable market, where it is currently missing completely.

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