Apple Releases Two New Commercials For iPad and iPad Mini

Based on a recent report published by Apple Insider, the iPhone maker has adopted a totally different direction for its famous tablets iPad and iPad Mini. Analysts have reached this conclusion after carefully studying the two ads that have been made available to the public on Sunday.

The two new iPad commercials that were released by Apple on Sunday have left tech consumers and analysts open-mouthed. The ads seem to be directed to a different target public than the one that has been addressed until now with the help of the company’s commercials.

Whether it was meant to attract new market segments or not, the two ads have nevertheless received the appreciation of the entire Internet as they have been shared on various social networks as soon as they have been launched. The images presented in the two commercials have been chosen to represent the titles of the two clips, namely, “Alive” and “Together”, respectively.

The “Alive” commercial opens with the presentation of a rapid succession of adjectives, the last word being “loud” which is verbally reproduced by voices in the video. The adjective is followed by a series of apps that relate to the word “loud”. The same process is valid for the following two adjectives, “deep” and “alive”, whereas “iPad” is the last word introduced in the commercial.

In spite of using different adjectives, the “Together” commercial has been created on the same pattern, that is, the adjectives “wild”, “bright” and “together” are followed by the presentation of various apps that are somehow related to the words. The upbeat and fast-paced music are very different than the calm narrator voice that used to be featured in Apple’s previous commercials. The accent is placed this time on entertainment and apps, whereas the past commercials would emphasize the hardware qualities of the two tablets. According to Apple Insider, the two humorous commercials focus on the presentation of the tablet lineup, a software feature that other devices do not have.

The TV advertisements are accompanied by a similarly entertaining print campaign. The focus is placed in this case, as well, on the software features of iPad and iPad Mini.


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