Apple Releases New Product for Developers during Super Bowl

It might not have bothered to create its very own Super Bowl commercial, but that doesn’t mean Apple can’t hitch a ride with some of the most popular brands. Apple announced the release of a new product for developers during a Super Bowl commercial for Paramount’s upcoming movie, “Star Trek: Into Darkness”.

It was at the end of the commercial for Paramount’s upcoming Star Trek movie, that Apple took the opportunity to quickly promote a new feature for developers. The average user might not have noticed the difference, but now Apple makes it possible for developers to add whatever they want after

“See the movie first. Get the exclusive app now” reads the short promotional message Apple and Paramount introduced at the end of the Star Trek Super Bowl commercial. The highlight however is the link that takes users directly to the app: But developers can add whatever, not necessarily the name of the app, but also their company’s name.

The vanity links are a feature that could be really nifty for developers interested in making a name for themselves using App Store. And it’s also  quite handy for Apple, which is currently in a debacle with rival Amazon over gaining the exclusive rights to use App Store particularly for iOS and OS X applications.

According to a technical Q&A published on the page, there are basically three types of App Store short links, which come in two forms, one for all iOS apps and one for all Mac Apps.  First type of vanity link is adding the company name after the form, second is adding the app name and last is inserting app by company.

Apple says that these vanity links for developers “are provided as a convenience and are not guaranteed to link to a particular app or company”. To be sure your short link will lead the user to the desired page, “test our URLs before using them in any marketing or other public materials” and try as much as possible to avoid name conflicts.

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