Apple Releases New MacBook

Looks like the rumors are over, as Apple released the new MacBook. This is the thinnest Mac that the company has ever made. The thickest point of the MacBook is 13.1mm. This means that it is 24 percent thinner than the previous release of MacBook Air. Another great thing about this new device is that it also is the lightest laptop on the market, weighting only 2 pounds.

However, making the MacBook this thin also requires some changes to its components, including keyboard, battery and trackpad. For example, the keyboard uses now a new butterfly mechanism, which the company declared that is more stable than a traditional scissor mechanism. With this redesign, the keyboard has a larger face for each key. To be mentioned that the backlight has a light for each key.

The new redesign trackpad no longer comes with a top hinge to physically click down. Apple came up with a new solution and instead the user will tap on the pad, which uses four Force Touch sensors that sense a range of pressure, even if it’s a deeper press or a light click. This is called Force Click. Another interesting change is that the new laptop go fanless. It is an interesting move, even though Windows laptops that are using Core M processors in 2014 started present this feature, too. Specialists say that battery life with the Core M processors is not so great. So, Apple managed to solve this issue, too, and decided to cut the battery into multiple sheets that can be terraced with contoured shapes. This means that the MacBook is all battery on the inside. The company declared that the laptop will get approximately 9 hours of wireless and even longer for iTunes video playback.

Unfortunately, the MacBook comes with a single port on the system, we are talking about USB-C. This port will support almost everything, from power to HDMI to Ethernet. The only other connector that is located on the laptop is a headphone/mic jack. The new laptop also comes with a 1.1Ghz Intel Core M, powered by 8GB of RAM and a 256 SSD. 

The ships for the new MacBook begin on April 10 and the new product will cost 1,299 dollars. The upgraded version will cost 1,599 dollars and will include a 1.2Ghz Core M, 512GB of flash storage and 8GB of memory. Both version will use integrated Intel HD Graphics 5300.

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