Apple Releases New iPhone 5 Ad To Celebrate Music

Apple, like many other smartphone makers, is focusing on the elements that render its devices unique and introduces them in separate ads. After trying to portray people as passionate photographers, Apple has released a new iPhone 5 ad celebrating music and people who love to listen to their favorite tunes on the go, CNET News reports.

The ad that the Cupertino, California maker has recently launched is meant to showcase customers one of the most important features that iPhone 5 boasts, namely, high-quality sound. For that, the 1-minute commercial displays various people of different ages and cultural backgrounds having just one thing in common: their passion for music. They all wear Apple’s famous white headphones being entirely absorbed by the rhythms of the songs they are listening to.

There are various ways people can enjoy their favorite music, according to the concept of the commercial that the smartphone maker has produced. Some people may simply enjoy their favorite songs alone, while others may prefer to share their music with their closest friends. The share feature is possible with iPhone 5, so people can listen to the same songs without wearing white headphones. The ad ends with a statement that has not been proven yet by any market research: “Every day, more people enjoy their music on the iPhone than any other phone.”

Based on the new commercial created by Apple, iPhone 5 is a smartphone that enables all users to customize their devices to reflect their preferences, be they in music or any other field. The fifth generation iPhone may seem like a common phone, but it was designed to adapt to everyone’s needs and it is this particular aspect that makes it unique, if we were to judge by the content provided by the new ad.

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