Apple Releases Fix For iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Data Network Bug

Apple has finally released a fix for the iPhone 5 Wi-Fi date network bug that has been giving a hard time to its customers. The company explains iPhone 5 users what they have to do in order to make sure that their new gadgets work flawlessly, according to CNET News.

Tech lovers who hustled to purchase the new iPhone 5 just several weeks after its release were disappointed to see that there are many other bugs that Apple needs to fix. After the much-contested buggy Maps app, many iPhone 5 owners complained that they could not connect to Verizon Wireless’ network without losing their cellular data.

Apple was quick to analyze the problem reported by users and a new fix was released on Sunday in order for customers to connect to Wi-Fi without losing minutes. Thus Verizon users will have to install an update on their iPhone 5 by taping the Settings button and selecting the options General and, consequently, About. A few seconds later a message will be displayed on the screen of the smartphone letting users know that they have to tap the OK button in order for the update to be installed.

Next, the Sleep/Wake button has to be hold down until he message “slide to power off” is displayed. Power off the phone and then, hold the Sleep/Wake button to turn the device back on again. Once the smartphone has been powered on, the user has to tap the Settings button again, go to General and About sections in order to verify the list of available Carriers. If the update was correctly performed the title “Verizon 13.1” should be displayed in the list.

Many customers experienced the above described problem with their brand new iPhone 5, so Apple was forced to respond to their complaints. This was not the only drawback that customers noticed, even though the general belief is that iPhone 5 and iOS 6 are slightly better than their predecessors. Buyers have also complaint about other technical flaws, such as, scrapes and scratches on the surface, static lines on the keyboard and a purple halo effect on the majority of the photos.

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  1. The new update did not fix the problem! its complete BS.. apple needs to get there S*** together. seriously.. try again! i went through 4 phones already since it came out.. and i am not happy! fix fix fix!

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