Apple TV Gets Updated With New Apple Software

After the iPhone and iPad update, Apple announced a new software improvement on Monday, this time for Apple TV. The operating system of the digital media receiver has been enhanced with several online features and could soon be followed by a hardware refresh, according to reporters at CNET News.

Apple appears to have started a dust-off campaign as the IT giant has released two major software updates for its popular devices, iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch and Apple TV. While the iOS 6.1 features improved Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity, Apple TV 5.2 boasts enhanced support for iTunes in the iCloud and connection to a Bluetooth Keyboard.

It’s been a while since the Apple TV software has last made headlines on Apple’s website, but the smartphone maker is determined to pay more attention to the streaming player in the following week. The third generation of Apple TV caused numerous online debates related to the much-anticipated software jailbreak and the Monday’s update could trigger further discussions.

Either way, the update gives users the possibility to browse their iTunes music files directly on the iCloud service and download the songs they have purchased from iTunes on their digital media receivers. Moreover, the “Up Next” feature displays all the available music files and allows Apple TV owners to select the single they want to hear next.

The Bluetooth Keyboard option which is now available thanks to the update is said to ease users’ control over the Apple TV. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is, thus, connected to the streaming player through Bluetooth for better command. This option is available only for the second and the third generations of Apple TV.

Similar to the previous updates released by Apple, customers, who want to benefit of the new features have to download them on their devices. The “Software Update” tab can be selected by clicking on the “Settings” application on Apple TV and then, by choosing “General”.

Although Apple doesn’t talk much about its digital media receiver, analysts believe the company is preparing a hardware refresh for Apple TV in the first quarter of the year. Opinions are divided here between those who think the smartphone maker will try to strengthen its position on the TV set market by launching an all-inclusive device and those who estimate that only minor changes will be operated on the Apple TV. One thing is for sure: the hardware refresh is due to arrive within the following months.

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