Apple Makes First Black Hat Conference Appearance

It looks like “shock” is the word that lately describes best the worldwide gadget dealer Apple. Their latest move was a premiere appearance at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas.

This last Thursday, in Las Vegas, the annual hacker conference held by Black Hat had an interesting speaker among the headliners. Usually, at these meetings you would expect to see developers and smarties from “the dark side” of the internet. And the participants had the same feeling. But when a speaker from the first gadget and IT dealer in the world was announced, everyone was surprised and packed with enthusiasm and anticipation.

Unfortunately, after an hour of speaking held by Dallas De Atley, manager of Apple’s platform security team, everyone began to feel the boredom that covered the room at the Caesar’s Palace hotel complex.

You can get an idea of how things worked out from this tweet made by an anonymous participant: “It was very, very meh”. Not exactly what you’d want to hear about Apple’s first black hat conference appearance, right?

Being there to talk about the security issues concerning Apple nowadays, Mr. De Atley, managed to turn what was expected to be an interesting speak in a sleeping marathon.

Apple has strongly stood up with the concept of malware and virus free Mac system, but it seems that they are starting to see what other developers, like Microsoft, are fighting with for a long time. And we can strongly believe this considering that in another room, just next to the one where De Atley was speaking, a simultaneous presentation was held, titled “The Dark Art of iOS Application Hacking”.

On his presentation which is itself a big deal because the ones at Black Hat accepted it, Mr. De Atley talked about third party systems. He said they are working on the developing of the security systems that are bound to be used by Apple. And that might have well been the most interesting thing in the speach, seeing as nowadays, everyone is turning mobile and especially with Apple devices.

Too bad it didn’t work out as expected and ended up as a man reading aloud a white paper, timed to a PowerPoint deck, before escaping out a side door without answering any questions. Not very alike the godfather of Apple, Steve Jobs.

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