Apple Launches The New iPad In Australia

Many customers queued outside the main technological stores in Australia as soon as they heard that Apple was launching its new iPad in the land of Down Under. Reuters informs that people have gathered on Friday morning determined to purchase the latest version of the tablet.

Even though the recent products that Apple has put on the market represent improvements of the former versions rather than major technological innovations, customers seem willing to purchase them, nonetheless. Such is the case of the recently released tablet from Apple which was often described by analysts as very expensive considering the services it provides.

The new iPad was endowed with a high-definition “retina”, as well as a better camera. Despite this, the starting price is a little bit salty. The third-generation device from Apple is available from $499. Depending on customers’ preferences, they may choose to get the model that operates with high-speed 4G “LTE”, that is, Long-Term Evolution network or the 3G model. Apple spokespersons advise, however, that the 4G technology is not compatible with Telstra’s 4G network used in Australia.

Based on the information provided by correspondents, customers were not queuing in front of the Australian Apple store, but outside the local phone company called Telstra. The company opened two stores at midnight so they could start selling the iPad before Apple; thus they managed to steal an eight hour march on the Silicon Valley giant.

David Tarasenko, a 34-year-old construction manager, was the first person in Australia to purchase the new tablet. He told reporters that he could not wait to get his hands on the tablet ever since he saw it during Tim Cook’s presentation. Among customers were people of various nationalities who were planning to buy numerous tablets. Outside the Apple store was a middle-aged Asian man who declared that he was going to buy more than ten tablets.

Even though Apple is now competing with Samsung Electronic’s Galaxy, the IT giant is confident that the tablet will become one of its best sold products in the near future. The first orders were place on March 7 and, judging by the recent evolution, the iPad 3 sales will exceed those of iPad 2. 

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