Apple Is World’s Biggest US Company

Finally Steve Jobs’s lifelong dream became reality! Apple passed Microsoft in the stock market, becoming world’s biggest and most valuable U.S. company. Still, Apple didn’t make it as the most valuable company in the history.

According to Associated Press, Apple is the world’s most valuable company ever, taking down the long held record by Microsoft Corporation. On Monday, Apple’s stock value went uphill and it didn’t show signs of stopping until it hit the staggering value of $624 billion, making it the most valuable company you can buy and invest in.

Experts say the massive boost in Apple’s stock value is thanks to the upcoming mid-September release of iPhone 5, which is expected to break record sales. Even if some might believe Apple was struck by luck, rumor has it everything was set to happen while Steve Jobs was still alive. It’s hard to believe this is Steve Jobs bringing good luck to the Apple of his eye from beyond.

“This time around, investors are a little bit smarter across the board…they don’t want to be caught not involved in the stock on this next iPhone launch” said Scott Sutherland with Wedbush Morgan.

Impressed by the massive Apple stock growth, The Huffington Post came out with “7 things you can buy with one Apple share” and oh my God, there are so many things a man could do with $665 billion. It only shows how brilliant marketing can change things for a company that came this close to bankruptcy 16 years ago.

Truth is Apple made it just fine through the hurdles of the economic crisis. It pulled consumers together, created a brilliant marketing campaign and simply prompted brand fidelity with quality products. And in a few years Apple went from an embarrassment to an amazing success.

At one point, Michael S. Dell told people at a conference if he was CEO of Apple, he would “shut it down and give the money back to shareholders”. Then iPod, iPhone, iPad and the Mac went viral. Apple is now Microsoft’s cutthroat competitor, Google’s nemesis and Samsung sworn enemy.

In a nutshell, Apple is a trendsetter and a company truly living to the world’s biggest and most valuable U.S. company.

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