Apple is looking to enter the augmented reality arena

Huge tech giant Apple has a team looking into augmented reality technology that would move beyond devices such as Google Glass. According to analyst Gene Munster, from Piper Jaffray, the iPhone maker is ready to enter the augmented reality arena, citing conversations with Industry contacts who declared that Apple created a small team that explores this kind of technology. The analyst believes that the company has the ability to create products that will blow up the market and consumers will truly want to own then, compared with other prototype devices available nowadays.

Probably not everyone knows exactly what augmented reality is. This new technology overlays digital information onto the real world. The best example that we have now on the market is the Google Glass, which allows users see the world around as it is, but also projects information onto a lens in front of users’ eyes. However, augmented reality should not be confused with virtual reality, because virtual reality places that owner into a total digital environment, with no awareness of the world around him, for example headsets like Sony’s Morpheus or Oculus Rift.

Augmented-reality devices are already making their appearance on the market. Beyond Google Glass, other interesting products such as Microfost’s HoloLens and Sony’s SmartEyeglass Developer Edition are popping up. However, these kind of appearances are risky, because customers have to get used to wear obtrusive and clunky glasses. To be mentioned that Google decided to pull the plug on Glass in January, declaring that the 1,500 dollars device didn’t have that much success. 

So, how will Apple succeed where Google has failed? Munster said that Apple has the gift to emphasize style over technology, so they could do the same to wearable AR device. “We believe that wearables are meant to be worn and seen, thus they need to be fashionable or desirable to wear,” Gene Munster declared. “Augmented reality will require some type of technology that projects images in the user’s eyesight (ultimately augmented reality may be delivered via implants). We believe that Apple has the unique ability to combine the technology of augmented reality with attractive fashion/design that users will actually want to wear,” he concluded.

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