Apple is Favorite Brand in Emerging Markets

A new report reveals that Apple is the favorite brand in emerging markets. It seems that the famous manufacturer has been able to beat Samsung. 

The report was first released by Bloomberg, who actually claims that Apple is the most desired mobile-phone brand in emerging markets. The report is based on a recent study, conducted by marketing firm Upstream and researcher Ovum. 

This study reveals that Apple overpassed Samsung in preferences on emerging markets. Samsung actually was the leader last year on these markets, the same study revealed. Although the difference is not that big, it seems that the market was divided into 29 percent for Samsung and 32 percent for Apple. This was quite a spectacular increase for Apple, from the 21 percent it scored last year in customer preferences. 

Some analysts seem to believe that the simplest way to explain this reality actually is linked to the release of the iPhone 5C. Last year Apple released two new smartphones, the iPhone 5S, its new flagship device, and the iPhone 5C. This phone aimed to be a more affordable option for people interested in buying an iPhone. 

It was actually said that the iPhone 5C was made for the Chinese market and emerging markets. It seems that Apple really reached its target and the company is now first in clients’ preferences. However, it is important to mention that Apple’s intention for this phone to be more affordable has not been seen in practice, as the company hoped. 

So, the iPhone 5C still is too expensive for most of the developing world. In many countries, it actually is just a little bit less priced compared to the flagship iPhone 5S. Some analysts even claimed that despite releasing a more affordable iPhone, for Apple it is still hard to reach certain customers. 

Still, the reality is that this study shows that Apple’s popularity has grown in emerging countries, regardless of the main factor which has led this reality. The release of iPhone 5C or the fact that people want an iPhone might be the reasons. Many companies have shown their interest in releasing new affordable smartphones this year, targeting emerging countries. So, it is yet to see if they will be able conquer the customers. 

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