Apple iPods on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2011

Apple iPods Shuffle, Nano and Touch will be on sale for the Black Friday 2011. Good bargain prices and huge discounts will be on display for a large variety of tech devices on the day after Thanksgiving, aka the Black Friday, as well as the more technology enthusiasts oriented Cyber Monday, November 28th.

Some stores have already started their sales period and others have released adds concerning their upcoming prices for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Their offer includes coupon codes discounts, gift cards attached to certain purchases and bargains.

Best Buy deals for the day after Thanksgiving are already out and Walmart and Amazon will probably adjust their own offers to match. Thus, tech fans will be able to purchase an iPod Nano for the almost regular price of $125. Bigger discounts, though, will be up for the 4th generation iPod Touch 8GB which will be available for $194 with a $50 shopping card attached to the purchase. In addition to the sale prices for the iPods, Best Buy offers suitable accessory bundles ranging from 10 to 15 dollars worth.

Radio Shack seems to be maintaining the current prices for their iPods, $129 for Nano and $199 for Touch, but will offer $25 Radio Shack gift cards for each purchase. If they decide to apply the same pattern they will use for the eBook reader sale for Black Friday, then Radio Shack might end up lowering the prices for the mp3 players by November 25th.

Target will offer a better deal. They plan on lowering the prices for the iPods somewhat as well as giving out $40 gift cards for an iPod Touch purchase and $15 off the iPod Nano. The Amazon prices are lower than the Target ones but they don’t come with gift cards. Walmart could match Target’s offer for Black Friday since their discounts are usually the best deals but they will be available probably for limited quantities only. The already released Black Friday adds also reveal a deal for MasterCard users who will get a $10 off for a $100 electronics and toys purchase using the promotional coupon code 8C65VF3y.

More regional stores and brands will use Black Friday to launch discounts for the iPods. Fred Meyer will offer the iPod Touch 8GB with a $25 iTunes gift card for a total of $180. Hastings will run discounts for the new iPod Nano, $100 with a limit of only two iPods purchase per customer and a free case for both the iPod Touch, sold for $170, as well as the Nano.

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