Review:Apple iPod Nano 16GB Slate – A Good or a Bad Compromise?

Apple is known for its propensity towards in-between products. Most of their models were designed as a combination between the specifications of two or more devices; hence, the wide variety of products. Apple iPod Nano 16GB Slate is clearly no exception to the IT giant’s rule. The small player has borrowed features from both iPod Touch and iPod Shuffle.

The 7th generation iPod Nano was in fact nicknamed the “tiny iPod Touch” because it does pretty much the same thing, but comes in a much smaller shape. Even though the dimensions have been significantly reduced, the screen is now wider than ever. Manufacturers chose to add a 2.5-inch touch screen to enable buyers to perform various tasks, such as, watching videos, listening to a wide array of music and enjoy their sports-related features. There’s actually plenty of room to store all these files due to the 16 GB capacity.

If there is one reason why we would recommend the 7th generation iPod Nano Slate that is because it makes exercising a lot more entertaining. The built-in pedometer tracks the steps, runs and burnt calories that the owner registers during his/her regular fitness routine. The information may be easily synced on the Nike+ website for practitioners who like to compare their results with the ones of their friends. The thin shape (the thinnest actually; only 5.4 mm) makes it easier to carry the iPod during jogging or fitness sessions.

iPod Nano 16 GB Slate also features Bluetooth 4.0 which is very easy to pair with the speaker or headset due to the well-designed Setting options. The original Apple package contains a set of EarPods. Their quality is not the best as they are entirely made out of plastic, but they, nevertheless, manage to render the good quality of the sound.

The Lithium-ion battery can last up to 30 hours during music playback, but the duration diminishes considerably if other types of activities are performed on the MP3 player. In case you plan to watch videos, you must bear in mind that the battery will only last for 3.5 hours if fully charged.

The interface of the device is much friendlier than the one of the previous generation of iPods thanks to the new home button. The drawback, however, is the Lighting port which makes it impossible for Apple customers to use their old headphones and accessories with the new iPod, but users may already be familiar with this trick from iPhone devices. The price ($145) is another reason why clients may not hurry to buy iPod Nano 16 GB as they can get more or less the same features from iPod Touch or iPod Shuffle at a much smaller price.

1. Slim design
2. Sports-related features

1. Too expensive for what it does
2. The Lighting port requires additional expenses for new accessories

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