Apple iPhone a Danger in China

The iPhone is actually considered to be a big danger in China. It seems that the phone developed by Apple is a security threat in this country. The Chinese claim that apps can actually expose state secrets.

On Friday, a location-tracking function of Apple Inc.’s iPhone has been considered a national security concern. Naturally, this potentially regards a series of US technology companies. The use of this function was actually criticized by the China Central Television. They claimed that the iOS operating system can track and record the time and the location of the movements of its owner, and naturally this is a huge concern. 

The problem is, according to the China Central Television, that those with access to data points could easily gain knowledge of the broader situation in the country. Moreover, it might even have access to the state secrets of the country, it has been claimed. 

US companies and tech giants have never been seen with good eyes in China. Moreover, the whole subject became even more sensitive after the claims of Edward Snowden. Snowden said that the National Security Agency was spying Chinese leaders and they used US tech companies to be able to obtain data, to be provided to the government. 

Concern has raised now because of the new tests that have been performed by security engineers. They claimed that user’s locations are stored in hidden directories on the phones. The Chinese have mostly focused their attention on this tool in the iPhone. Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular products in China, at the moment. 

The Chinese market is extremely important for Apple at the moment. In fact, Apple’s profits on this market are actually impressive, but more and more tech companies are becoming interested in selling their products in China. If more reactions are going to come from the Chinese regarding this subject or not, is something yet to be discovered. 

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