Apple Introduces Shopping Category

Apple fans and users will definitely be pleased to find out that the famous company has introduced a new category to its App Store. This new category, named Shopping, will actually allow users to better locate the mobile shopping applications that they may be interested in.

Apple Shopping MaddApple.comThe tech giant announced that the application will be available worldwide, meaning that Apple customers from all around the world will be able to use it. In this new category, users will find apps linked to auctions, product reviews and many others. All these apps were found until now in the Lifestyle section.

However, many Apple users have previously complained that searching the Lifestyle section for such apps was quite difficult for them, even more so as the apps were listed alongside numerous other types of applications.

The Lifestyle section includes for instance dating apps, but also smart home apps and even real estate apps, among many others.  Apple’s new move may not be only appreciated by customers interested in Shopping, but also by large businesses such as Walmart, Amazon and Groupon, which develop mobile shopping apps.

Why is Apple introducing the Shopping category now? Well, after all this could be the best time for such as release as the holiday season is coming soon, meaning that Apple needs to make sure that customers will have absolutely no issues in finding whatever they are searching to buy.

For an even better functionality, the famous company will be dividing the section into two categories. The first, Save While You Shop, is set to offer only the best deals and discounts, as well as other special features.

Shop for Everything is the second section of the Shopping Category. Here, Apple users will find apps from further distinctions, including for instance Gifts or Groceries, and some other categories. Of course, users will be able to use Apple Pay for their payments and naturally the famous company is interested in making its new service as popular as possible.

However, that might not be all. Apple also receives a small portion of each Apple Pay transaction that is made through online shopping. This could mean some great earnings for the famous company, mostly during the holiday season. The Black Friday is also coming soon and numerous customers are expected to make their payments using the Apple Pay.

So, it seems that by introducing this new service, Apple has actually found a new way to promote or sustain the usage of its Apple Pay. Apple has put a lot of effort and a lot of interest in the Apple Pay. Actually, recently the famous company’s CEO revealed that he sees quite an interesting future when it comes to the way payments are going to be made.

Cook said that in the future physical money will no longer exist, suggesting that all payments will be made electronically. This is not such an absurd hypothesis having under consideration that the use of such payment means has become widely available all around the world. 

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