Apple, Intel secrets leaked by Goldman person

Reuters announced on Monday that Apple and Intel secrets have been leaked by a Goldman person in the past years. The identity of the person who is responsible for the leakage of information has not been communicated yet, but lawyers claim they have solid evidence against him.

Lawyer Gary Naftalis was the first to make accusations against the Goldman person. Although he refused to tell the name of the man who is responsible for the leakage, the lawyer told U.S. prosecutor Reed Brodsky during a pre-trial hearing that his allegations can be proved with solid evidence. According to him, the Goldman person was caught on a wiretap while he was communicating important information about Apple and Intel to Raj Rajaratnam, the Galleon Group founder who was convicted of insider-trading charges a year ago.

Naftalis claims that the accusations that U.S. prosecutor Brodsky made several years ago about a person in the government selling Apple and Intel secrets to Raj Rajaratnam were false. In his opinion, the guilty person works at Goldman Sachs and not in the government. The lawyer claims to have wiretap recordings that support his statements. The defense hopes that this way, they could protect their client against the accusations that were brought against him. Naftalis concluded his declarations by saying that “the wrong man is on trial here”.

Rajaratnam is now currently serving a 11-year prison sentence after a jury convicted him of wiretapping, a technique that is usually used in organized crimes and narcotics cases, not white-collar investigations. The hearing that was held in the Manhattan federal court ended late in the afternoon, but Naftalis and Brodsky continued to argue.

Goldman Sachs was contacted by reporters working at Reuters, but a spokesperson of the company was not available for comments. The firm is now dealing with numerous other problems since the public resignation of employee, Greg Smith. Smith declared in a New York Times article that he wanted to leave Goldman Sachs because the company became too “toxic and destructive”.

Analysts believe Naftalis and other lawyers working at the Gupta case are investigating David Loeb, a managing director of Goldman Sachs. However, Loeb hasn’t been accused of anything yet. He declined to make any comments and he did not answer the emails that were sent to him.

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