Apple Inc. Contributes To Earthquake Recovery Efforts in China With $8M Donation

Apple published a report on their official weblog announcing their decision to contribute to the earthquake recovery efforts performed in China by making an $8 million donation. The Cupertino, California company was among the first to acknowledge the effects of the natural disaster and to encourage people to join their forces for the reconstruction of the city, the Associated Press informs.

The iPhone maker has not been involved in many humanitarian campaigns, but this time, the company is willing to contribute to the earthquake recovery efforts that are being made in China. The Ya’an city in the province of Sichuan was hit by an earthquake of 7 degrees on the Richter scale on Saturday. Great part of the city has been devastated and authorities are now making efforts to rebuild the buildings and to provide shelter to the victims of the seism. 186 people were killed and 10,000 were injured during the earthquake and various tech giants, including Apple Inc., vowed to contribute to the recovery efforts.

Apple issued a press release on Monday informing people that their donation will amount to $8 million. The rivaling smartphone maker, Samsung, has nevertheless raised the stake by announcing a $9.63 million donation the following day.

The competition between the two companies seems to stretch the smartphone market. Both Apple and Samsung are now battling to become more socially active by donating bigger sums of money to the reconstruction of the Chinese city. While Apple made their pledge to public relation channels, Samsung posted their donation on the official page for Sina Weibo, China’s most popular social network representing a combination between Facebook and Twitter.

The financial donations that the two tech giants announced are not the only efforts that they are making for the Chinese town. Apple will also donate its devices to the schools that are situated in the disaster area, while Apple employees in the region will help authorities reconstruct the city of Ya’an. The South Korean manufacturer, on the other hand, will set up free repair centers for people living in the quake zone.

Apple is not China’s favorite company, given their past legal battles. Even so, the Cupertino company is determined to use every opportunity they have to gain visibility on the Chinese territory and to change people’s opinion about their products and their brand.

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