Apple in Talks with Comcast

Apple is not wasting any time. In seems that the popular tech provider is actually in talks with Comcast for streaming-TV.

Reports reveal that what Apple is seeking actually is signing a partnership with Comcast to receive bypass congestion on the web. Comcast currently is the largest web provider in the United States. And the company seemed quite interested in working with Apple.

If a deal between the two will be closed, Apple and Comcast are expected to reach a new level of cooperation, which actually means modernizing TV viewing. Reports indicate that what Apple is seeking is to provide its users stream live and on-demand TV programming and digital-video recordings, which are stored in the cloud.

For this project, Apple needs a cable company, as this will allow the computer giant to offer clients the possibility to have a new TV service’s traffic, separated from Internet traffic. Apple has spent years working at this and trying to find a way to enter the TV market, while making its presence felt here. Getting support from Comcast is definitely important in achieving this purpose.

Moreover, apparently opinions are shared within Apple, who is not sure how much they should invest in this project. The two companies might have a different thinking when it comes to how deep this relationship should be. Apple seems to be willing to have clients log in with Apple IDs, to gain access to customer data. The company is also seeking to obtain a cut from monthly subscription fees paid by customers, it has been said.

On the other hand, rumors reveal that Comcast wants full control over customer data. Naturally, these are just rumors for now, so it is yet to see exactly what will happen and if this deal will be finally closed. Naturally, the exact intentions that Apple has are yet to be revealed, as well.

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