Apple Gets Ready For The Big iPhone 5 Launch

After months of anticipation, Apple’s big launching day has finally arrived. Analysts have no certainty that the iPad maker will launch the new iPhone 5, but they are convinced the event will be just as well-prepared as the previous ones, according to CNET News.

Apple’s launching events have earned a good reputation after the late executive, Steve Jobs managed to combine oratorical skills with entertainment to produce unique presentations for his new products. Judging by the preparations that the company has made in the past weeks, it is safe to assume that the much-awaited September 12 launch taking place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in downtown San Francisco is going to be a success.

The last event that was hosted by Apple took place in October 2011. Analysts and customers were all expecting the iPhone maker to release a new version of their smartphone. Instead, the company announced the upgraded iPhone 4S version.

There is no real evidence supporting analysts’ belief that iPhone 5 will be launched on September 12, 2012. Like in the previous years, most of the suppositions were made after a close analysis of the invitation. Some people stated that the fact that Apple placed a small iPhone icon under the number 12 indicating the date, suggests that the new phone could be launched on Wednesday.

The large number of leaked photo rumors that circled the Internet has fueled customers’ expectations. According to them, the new smartphone should be endowed with a bigger screen, highly improved front and rear cameras, as well as metallic carcass. None of these rumors have been confirmed, so customer will have to wait until Apple reveals its new prototype.

Most of the Apple events that were held in September were related more or less to iPod; therefore, some websites advanced the hypothesis that the company might have prepared a new iPod prototype for its customers. However, the idea seems implausible considering that iPod is a product in decline.

It is desirable for Apple to launch the new iPhone 5; otherwise, the company could be overtaken by its competitors. Samsung has already won territory thanks to Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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