Apple Facing New Lawsuit linked to Missing Texts

Apple will have to face a new lawsuit. The famous tech giant actually is in the situation of having to respond in court for the missing texts when users switch from an iPhone to an Android handset. This happens, as a person who registers on iPhone has his number linked to iMessage. The issue can be experienced by any non-Apple device, if the switch is made from Apple. 

Apple was ordered to face a US federal lawsuit on the case, saying that it failed to let its customers know about the consequences of switching to Android-based smartphones from iPhones. What happens in such cases is that the messaging system will block them from receiving text messages. The claim against Apple was raised in court by Adrienne Moore. She switched from iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy S5. 

According to Adrienne Moore, Apple failed to reveal that its operating system would obstruct the delivery of messages. The former iPhone owner filed her lawsuit in May. She claims that Apple intentionally withhold this information from customers and chose to do so to prevent people from purchasing competitive devices to its products. 

Moore filed this lawsuit on behalf of herself, but also of any other customers who may be in a similar situation with the one she experienced. She also said that Apple should work to inform its customers about the issue. Apple filed a motion to dismiss this lawsuit in July, but it seems that their claim was rejected by Judge Lucy Koh, who said on Monday that Adrienne Moore does not have to prove she is entitled to receive every single text message sent to her, to show that Apple went to interfere with the contract she had with Verizon. 

“Apple takes customer satisfaction extremely seriously, but the law does not provide a remedy when, as here, technology simply does not function as plaintiff subjectively believes it should,” a statement from Apple said. However, the company avoided to reveal anything about the claims. 

Moreover, it seems that Apple now has a tool that helps people switch to non-Apple devices, easier, which missing texts. 

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