Apple Discloses Release Date For iPhone 5S

As much as I hate the attention that Apple is getting from rumors, I must confess some headlines really trigger my curiosity. The announcement that the iPhone maker has finally disclosed the release date for its iPhone 5S prototype, for instance, made me look for more information related to the subject. Unfortunately, it turns out the Cupertino-based company hasn’t made any official announcements, yet, but the rumors are 99 percent credible because the sources are trustworthy, according to Captain Gadget.

Based on the recent researches that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has performed, the closest date for the release of iPhone 5S could be in July. The fact that Kuo guessed in 2011 that Apple was going to release a slightly modified iPhone 4 instead of iPhone 5 helped him establish himself as a reputed analyst and many online publications refer to his articles now when making suppositions about new Apple events.

Kuo made another prediction for this year’s Apple events. According to him, the manufacturer could release a new version of iPhone 5 by the end of the summer. The iPhone 5S, as he named it, could be introduced on the market in July, but the design of the model will not feature major changes. Users, who can’t wait for the new generation of iPhone, can purchase the iPhone 5S model as Kuo estimates there will be many enticing features.

A faster processor is just one of the many improvements that Apple’s iPhone 5S could feature, in the analyst’s opinion. In addition to this, the smartphone could have a better camera as all the models that were released so far have been provided with additional megapixels. The most important change that Apple is expected to make for iPhone 5S is the introduction of a fingerprint sensor. The sensor will be placed under the home button and is meant to allow owners to better protect their devices.

Other equally reputed analysts think July is not the correct month for the launching of the new iPhone model. August is, in their opinion a far more appropriate period for Apple’s next big event. Either way, most of the rumors that have been published on the Internet so far agree upon one aspect and that is: the new prototype will be out before fall 2013. 

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