Apple Blocks Malware targeting Chinese iPhone Users

Apple just revealed that they managed to block the malware that has been affecting Chinese iPhone users. It has been revealed that malware was hidden in apps of third-party app stores in the country. Apparently, the malware aimed to access information from the users. 

The malware was first traced by a Silicon Valley based security company, Palo Alto Networks. The tech company revealed it in a report published on November 6. The malware, WireLurker, was able to steal user information from any iOS device. So, it ended up on the users’ Mac computers after being downloaded with apps from the third party app stores in China. After being installed on that computer, the malware was able to steal user information from devices connected to the computer with a USB. 

It is a well-known fact that the iPhone comes with a very powerful malware protection, due to the strong firewall. WireLurker is an even more dangerous malware from this point of view, as it had been able to pass the protection of Apple devices and invade the privacy of iPhone users. Naturally, this represents a very big threat to Chinese Apple users. 

Apple issued a statement following the revelations and claimed that users should only download apps from reliable sources. China is one of the most powerful markets for Apple devices at the moment and this malware can turn out affecting the company’s popularity and credibility. The interesting fact is that the malware seems to be just targeting users in China. 

Reports reveal that the malware managed to affect no less than 450 apps, which have been downloaded by thousands of Apple users. Initially, it had been claimed that only jailbroken Apple devices were affected by the malware. These are devices that run a modified operating system that allows users to download and install all the apps they desire. However, it has now been revealed that WireLurker is a powerful malware that has the ability to affect all devices. 

Apple claimed that they have already taken the first steps to block the app. The tech giant acknowledged its existence and will make sure that users will be safe.

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