Apple Begins Production For New iPhone During Q2

Sources familiar with the company’s evolution have stated on Wednesday that Apple will begin production for the upcoming iPhone model during the second quarter of the year. Based on their declarations, the new device is going to have the same size and shape of the iPhone 5. This leads us into thinking that the differences will probably be related to the software performance of the two generations of smartphones.

Apple did not confirm any of the rumors related to the launching of its next flagship device. Nevertheless, the amount of reports claiming that the Cupertino company is preparing a new iPhone 5 prototype to be released in the summer suggests there must be some grain of truth at the core of all these declarations.

There has been a lot of talk, lately about the low-end model that Apple is determined to launch this year. These rumors have been confirmed once again this week after sources revealed that Apple has just signed a deal with its manufacturing partners in Asia to produce a less expensive iPhone. The model is expected to arrive in stores somewhere between the end of the summer and the beginning of fall, but analysts don’t know yet whether this is going to be the only device released or whether there will be an upgraded iPhone 5S,as well.

If you paid attention to the recent Apple news, you are probably familiar with the various suppositions that have been put forward about the aspect and the technical specifications of the new device. A more recent report indicates that the casing of the new smartphone could be replaced with a new one made out of a more affordable fabric, so production costs and, consequently, starting prices could be significantly diminished. Also, the color shades that will be used for the low-end model could be slightly different from the ones we have seen so far.

Apple refused to comment all these news, but analysts are convinced that CEO Tim Cook is preparing a major launch for this year. At least, this is the measure that they hope the iPhone maker will adopt in order to keep up with the rivaling smartphone producer, Samsung. Although there are no visible differences in market shares or share prices yet, the situation could take a dramatic turn if the Cupertino manufacturer does not take measures very soon.

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