Apple Announcement : Siri, Mac But No iPhone 5

It’s been a week we’ve all been waiting with excitement. Apple’s announcement at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2012 was rumored to introduce the iPhone 5. But, on Monday, Apple’s focus at the WWDC was on Siri technology, the new line of Mac computers and, unfortunately, no iPhone 5.

On Monday, the place to be was Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2012 (WWDC). The specialized media was already all over the subject days before the actual event. Throughout the past week, all sorts of rumors were ravaging the internet. Yesterday, as Apple finally got to its big announcement, left developers and Apple users still wondering about iPhone 5. But that doesn’t mean the event didn’t bring good news.

As of yesterday, the new version of mobile iOS is available. Better make sure you’re current, particularly if you’re a developer. The iOS 6 is already available for download by developers and it comes with some pretty exciting new functions, such as Guided Access and Passbook or Photo Stream sharing and FaceTime over cellular.

Good news for Facebook users. The new iOS now comes with what Apple calls a deep Facebook integration. Not to mention you’ve got Siri at hand to use when you want to update your Facebook status. Basically you talk into your phone and say you “like”.

Siri, your personal assistant, has been developed to speak other languages too, such as Korean, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. Siri is going to be integrated on iPad 3 and will be able to run your applications or movies.

Apple has also presented its new line of MacBook Pro line, with a whooping resolution and display at 0.71 inches thickness and 4.46 pounds weight. “It’s a true breakthrough in engineering – there’s never been a notebook this thin, this light, this powerful for professional use” said Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller.

The next generation MacBook comes with the new OS X Mountain Lion, an i7 Thunderbolt Intel Quad-core processor and Retina Display.

Obviously, Apple couldn’t have missed the opportunity to slap Google in the face. Apple introduced at WWDC 2012 its very own maps apps. The Apple Maps app puts an end to Google’s Maps on the iPhone. It brings 3D building view, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic integration and you’ve got Siri to ask for directions. Simply have Siri answer when your kids start screaming “Are we there yet?”

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