Apple Announcement At WWDC 2012: Is iPhone 5 Coming This Year?

The announcement that Apple made during the World Wide Developer’s Conference 2012 has left many analysts wondering whether iPhone 5 is really coming out this year. According to CNET News, the launching of iOS 6 this fall could precede the release of the new phone.

Analysts jostled to take part at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference last week hoping that they will be the first to find out the release date of iPhone 5. Their expectations have been once again deceived as the company did not say anything about the new device. The announcement that they made was related to the launching of the new iOS 6 which will take place this fall.

Since hope is the last to die, analysts have already found multiple ways to interpret Apple’s announcement. According to them, the tablet maker will most likely release the new iPhone 5 this fall. Their argument: the launching of iPhone 4S was preceded last year by the release of iOS 5 and there are many chances for the company to adopt a similar strategy this year.

Apple, however, did not make any reference to the new iPhone last week. They only limited themselves to describing the improved features of iOS 6 and Siri. First of all, it will be easier for customers to organize their applications with the new software as they will no longer have to use a password to download programs.

Those who didn’t find Siri useful will take their words back as soon as they test the newly added improvements. The program is now capable of keeping people up to date with recent scores, to schedule events and to make restaurant reservations. In addition, you can also chat with your friend in Spanish, Italian and French besides English.

The new Facebook Integration feature was designed to make it easier for social media addicts to check their Facebook account using the Internet. Thanks to iOS 6 they will spend less time to post a message, to add a photo or to organize their contacts.

Last, but not least, the Do Not Disturb mode is the solution that many people have been looking for in order to prevent notifications from making sounds. This program lets users schedule their notifications and reply with text messages for incoming calls.

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