Apple and Samsung are back in Court

Apple and Samsung will meet once again in court on Monday. The two famous companies will be in a court in Silicon Valley in the case involving the patent war that has first been filed years ago. 

The patent war between Samsung and Apple is not new. And it surely seems to be far away from ending. The famous smartphone manufacturers have been battling for supremacy on the market of smart devices for quite some time now. 

The feud between Samsung and Apple is quite curious. While the two are battling in court, they are actually collaborating when it comes to certain aspects of the manufacturing process of Apple’s products. 

Well, now Samsung and Apple are going to be in court before district Court Judge Lucy Koh, who presided the trial between the two tech giant last year. Back then, a jury decided that Samsung has to pay Apple quite an impressive sum of money, more than a billion dollars in damages for infringing patents.

The devices that were brought to discussion at this point include some older models of Android-power products. Naturally, Samsung was not happy at all with the decision of the court, so they appealed it. The court asked the two to negotiate with the purpose to reach a settlement, but it seems that Apple and Samsung were unable to reach an agreement this time, either. 

So, since the mediation was not reached, the two tech giants will once again meet in court. Apple first filed the case against Samsung back in February 2012. The company said that Samsung violated their patents on devices including the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. Among the Samsung devices that Apple targets are the Samsung smartphone Galaxy S3, one of the most popular Samsung releases at the moment. 

“Instead of pursuing independent product development, Samsung slavishly copied Apple’s innovative technology, with its elegant and distinctive user interfaces product design, in violation of Apple’s valuable intellectual property rights,” Apple claimed. Naturally, Samsung denied all these allegations, so it is yet to see what will happen in this case and what the court will decide. 

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