Anthony Weiner gets a pension of over 1 million dollars

Anthony Weiner, the Democrat that was recently caught up in a sex scandal is likely to receive a pension of over 1 million dollars if he retires at age 56. This, of course, is less that he would have received if he were to retire six years later, at age 62. But let’s not be greedy. The difference is of “only” 160,000 dollars.

If Weiner presents his letter of resignation (which is not yet received by the Congress) an will retire 10 years from now he will receive a pension of 1.12 million dollars from National Taxpayers Union. If he were to wait until the age of 62 he would have got 1.28 million dollars. That’s not so bad, right? In addition to that, NTU notes that members also participate in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). According to the estimations, Weiner has accumulated a little over 216,000 dollars in assets through the Thrift Savings Plan.

After announcing his intention of resigning, following the pressure made by the Congress, Weiner has not said anything about his future employment plans. Several analysts believe that due to his experience in a certain professional and working area, he will have trouble finding a job that he likes. But on the other hand, this may be possible as his portfolio and additional assets strongly recommend him

One of the most notorious porn moguls, Larry Flynt, sent an open letter on Thursday in which he offered Weiner a job (didn’t say what kind) and a raise of 20%. The Hustler Magazine’s founder wanted the former congressman to work for his company, Flynt Management Group. Of course, this may be a bad joke, as the one made by the producers of the HBO series Entourage. On Friday, executive producer Doug Ellin said he was kidding about offering a cameo role in the film to Weiner.

Anthony Weiner fell into disgrace after online chatting with multiple women and making online dealings with them. After initially claiming that his account was shacked and he wasn’t responsible for the messages exchanged, a week later he confessed about lying to this pregnant wife, his colleagues and the press. 

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  1. While most of us would prefer such cads receive ZERO pensions, this Congressional pension is quite modest by California public employee standards — indeed lower than any CA public employee plan I can think of!

    With a current salary of $174,000, Weiner’s pension for 14 years in office will be only $37,000. That’s about 2% times salary times number of years in office. Most CA pensions use 2.5% to 3% of salary.

    Moreover, Weiner’s pension is based on the average of his highest three salaries. Most CA public employees figure it based on their SINGLE highest year’s salary.

    In addition, Wiener’s pension starts at age 62. Almost all CA public employees can start their full pensions from ages 50 to 60.

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