Anthony Bourdain Reveals The Grossest Food He Ate

If we know anything about Anthony Bourdain is that he’s pretty blunt about food and people and life and stuff and the Petraeus scandal. In an interview promoting his new show on CNN, Anthony Bourdain told Piers Morgan which was the grossest food he ate.

Globetrotter chef Anthony Bourdain isn’t afraid of trying something new, not even when it doesn’t look that appealing. He tried some stuff most of us would never go near to like a still-beating heart of a cobra, balut in Asia or hakarl, fermented shark meat in Iceland (which by the way holds a special place on Anthony Bourdain’s heart and stomach).

Anthony Bourdain called it quits with Travel Channel and was very open about his discontentment with the network. So he has now signed a deal with CNN for a show called “Parts Unknown”. “Just by virtue of showing up, just to see how people eat and drink, people reveal themselves to you in a way they wouldn’t do a hard news reporter” Anthony Bourdain explained about his kind of culinary documentary. “People let their guard down at the table”.

But enough about that, let’s talk food. Piers Morgan asked Anthony Bourdain about the grossest food he ever ate (and he had more than a few). The most disturbing thing however is the fermented shark (told you he has a special place for that). Hakarl is a “beloved national holiday dish” in Iceland, but it is a “WMD”. A Greenland of Basking shark it is gutted and then fermented for two to four months.

For his last meal, Anthony Bourdain would choose a “very traditional Edo-style sushi from Jiro Ono at his restaurant in Tokyo, at his sushi bar”. “If you shot me behind the ear right after my last bite there, I would go without complaint” Anthony Bourdain told Piers Morgan.

And since this week’s hottest topic is the Petraeus scandal, Anthony Bourdain addressed it too. “He’s a military man. We hold these people to impossible ridiculous standards that we would never expect of a chef. Should this alone end an honorable career? I don’t know” Bourdain argued. “These are the times we live in now. It’s shockingly risky behavior, that’s for sure” he added.

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