Another Misdemeanor DUI For Amanda Bynes

From the looks of it, Amanda Bynes is either too much into hard partying or prefers making the headlines with misdemeanor’s and DUI arrests. Either way, Amanda Bynes has been charged with misdemeanor DUI in the case that began her driving mishaps.

Over the past few weeks, the 26-year-old Amanda Bynes has been making the headlines with news about her driving mishaps. She’s been pulled over by the police more than on one occasion and was said to have been driving under the influence several times. The first driving mishap that started the series was serious enough and for that she has been charged this Tuesday with misdemeanor DUI.

On April 6th, Amanda Bynes was arrested for hitting a police cap. She was trying to make a right turn in West Hollywood, but as she began the maneuver, her BMW sideswiped a police car. The police officer pulled her over early morning and asked her to pass a drug test and a Breathalyzer. Apparently the actress refused.

The actress is looking at the maximum penalty for misdemeanor DUI. However a first time offender, if convicted, she’d have to spend two days behind bars and pass a nine-month alcohol rehab program. On top of that she’d be losing her driver’s license for twelve months and would be under probation for the following three years.

Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Elden Fox is in charge of Amanda Bynes case, the same judge that dealt with Lindsay Lohan’s share of misdemeanor DUI. As soon as the actress got out of her court hearing she made a pledge to president Obama. “Hey @BarackObama…I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

Her father, Rick Bynes says that on April 6th Amanda Bynes wasn’t drunk. She was just “upset and very emotional”. In a statement for People.com, Rick Bynes added: “She was not drunk…She didn’t have a single drink that night. My daughter doesn’t drink”.

Moreover, Rick Bynes believes the police officer that arrested Amanda Bynes in the first place was to blame for the April 6th incident. Apparently the police officer pulled out in front of Bynes’ BMW just “as she was turning at the West Hollywood intersection, where she was cited”.

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