Another baby news: Lily Allen welcomes baby girl

Here is another baby news: British actress Lily Allen welcomes a baby girl, Us Weekly reports.

After Piers Morgan announced on Friday that he and wife Celia Walden have welcomed into the world their first baby, a girl named Elise, British actress Lily Allen has reportedly given birth to her first baby, who is also a girl.At the same time, Selena Gomez tweets that her mother, Mandy, is pregnant.
UK’s Daily Mail first announced the big news. Lily Allen tied the knot with hubby Sam Cooper in the summer of last year. What is a bit odd and funny at the same time, is the similarities that arose between the couples Lily and Sam, and Piers and Celia. Both couples married in June 2010. Both women had they babies on Black Friday and they are both girls.

But the similarities end here. Allen has a miscarriage in her history. In 2008, when she was married to musician Ed Simon, she lost the baby after four months of pregnancy. Then, about a year ago, she suffered another miscarriage, this time after six months of pregnancy. Clearly, this baby is an over-the-top joy for her.
Sam Cooper, a businessman who is 32 years old, chose a special day to propose to Lily, 26. He popped the question exactly on the first day of Christmas, when the couple was in the exotic island of Bali. The two are inseparable since, and Lily calls him the love of her life.


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